1Due to the modern life style, traditional tea in leaves have been being replaced by the practical and functional sachets.



 In It-Rare Collection we sell tea leaves. Why?



There a number of reasons, all related to quality. Altough loose tea leaves and tea sachets come from the same plant there are some factors that influence the quality, the flavour and the longevity of the tea.

 High quality tea leaves come from the plant Camellia Sinensis. The best lots are chosen,  composed by intact tea leaves, large pieces of leaves or combinations of these parts. The time of the year and the growing conditions affect  the tea quality in a very significant way. When all these factors are taken into account,tea retains its distinct and characteristic flavours.


In contrast, tea  sachets usually consist in small pieces of leaves or tea powders that can offer a quick infusion, but the subtlety and the complete flavour of loose tea leaves will always be superior. Indeed, some tea leaves can be re-infused and provide several cups of tasty and healthy tea. Tea sachets can also release more tannins than tea leaves, which  will give a harsh flavour to the tea.



Finally, we really love tea. So our goal is to bring you the best tea leaves. Tea sachets often contain tea mixtures, instead of pure tea. Our tea leaves are made with large leaves, so that you can easily see the quality of your final tea

 Try one of our tea leaves and you will see that you won’t want to use a sachet again. Tea leaves also allow you to blend flavours and different kinds of tea easily.


You can find a variety of tasty flavours, like fruits and spices in our leaves, available online or in shops around the world.

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