Tea, a thousand leaves of flavour!...


After millenniums of cultivation, experiences and scientific discoveries – which gave the tea more health benefits – the world of tea has become so wide, exciting and specialized as the one of a good wine. The wine is made of grapes and it is usually classified as red, white or pink.


Likewise, all teas come from the same plant, Camellia Sinensis, being designated as black, green, white or oolong. There are another two categories, rooibos and infusions, that aren´t produced from Camellia Sinensis, but from other plants, most of them with wide medicinal effects.


Every tea (and the multiple possible combinations) has its characteristics, its personality, a distinct taste and different benefits for the organism. But…which are the ones that taste better? The ones that are healthier? Starting this journey with us, trying the varieties that we put at your disposal, knowing their multiples healing properties, following the news on this site and the discoveries that we are going to make all over the world, you will enjoy, totally and unconditionally, this wonderful drink, the best that Nature has to offer us. Come!

Black tea


It’s the most popular variety among us, and also the most suitable for breakfast, to start your day with energy.

This is the type of tea that is intensely transformed. The leaves are totally oxidized, giving birth to the black colour and giving it its complexity and astringency. While its name refers to the colour of the leaves, the liquid produced from the fermentation is usually reddish or brownish. The good black tea can, usually, be immersed in hot water for a long time. It becomes, thereby, stronger than the other types of tea, and this is the reason why it contains more caffeine per cup, about 20%(still much lower than a cup of coffee).

Black tea helps to maintain cholesterol levels and the proper functioning of cardiovascular and circulatory systems.


Oolong Tea


Some lovers claim that this is the champagne of teas. Very popular among Asian countries, oolong is partially oxidized and it contains approximately 15% caffeine per cup. It is similar to black tea, although its flavour is closer to green tea, but with a marked touch which makes it so special. Usually produced in Fujian, a province of China in Taiwan Island, once named Formosa, this is the name given to one of the most famous varieties of oolong tea, the one we have chosen for you.

Its delicacy, its soft and silky flavour, puts it among the most prized teas in the world and it can be a healthy part of your weight loss plan.


Green tea


It’s the most consumed tea in Japan and China, containing only 5% to 10% of caffeine per cup.

Harvested manually, the Camellia Sinensis leaves instead of  been oxidized, are immediately steamed, rolled up and left to dry, preserving its green colour. To preserve its properties and avoid bitterness, we don’t use boiling water, but water below boiling point or even cold, if you prefer.

You have at your disposal two different mixtures, one with jasmine and the other with Japanese cherry, giving them more taste and originality.

Green tea is one of the most powerful antioxidants that are known, and protects your body from free radicals that accelerate the appearing of cancer and premature ageing.

White tea


It’s the less processed tea, it is just slightly oxidated and presents, therefore, a substantially reduced quantity of caffeine per cup.

The leaves are harvested manually, vaporized and sun dried. It contain buds of the same plant, harvested very green. Its harvest is sometimes limited to two days a year and the manufacturing process is delicate, which explains its rarity and high price. Its delicate flavour and its health benefits, similar to the green tea ones, grant it, in the last years, a growing popularity in the West.

Rooibos tea


Obtained from a red bush that only exists in South Africa, it’s rich in vitamins and minerals, also containing antioxidants.

Hot or iced, rooibos tea is a delightful experience that you should try. Naturally caffeine free, helps digestion, strengthens immune system and fosters an healthy skin, teeth and bones.



Made from different parts of plants, are highly appreciated for their medicinal qualities, such as the decreasing of nauseas (ginger), or sleep induction (chamomile). We enriched these mixtures with delicious flavours, from the calming mint to the exotic red fruits and chocolate.

All our infusions are wonderfully unique, rich in vitamin C and caffeine free, suitable for anyone, at any time of the day, in a wide range of varieties known for their delicious flavours and therapeutic qualities.

Flavoured teas


Any tea, regardless the treatment is has had, can be combined with other leaves, fruits or flowers, in an unmistakable mixture of flavours. The most famous is Earl Grey, obtained by adding bergamot to black tea.

Combining the finest teas with flowers, fruits and healing herbs, we provide a tea experience absolutely delicious.

In cold days, there’s no other drink that warms the heart. Choose the one that suits you!


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