The drink that conquered the world!


According to the legend, the emperor Shen Nong, in the year of 2737 BC, was resting under a tree while his servants were boiling water. Some leaves of that tree, a Camellia Sinensis, fell into the boiling water and the emperor, curious, decided to taste it, and was delighted with its taste.



Known among his people by Divine Healer, Shen Nong, who dedicated part of his time to the harvest and analysis of plants for medicinal purposes, soon popularized the new drink. Myth or not, the truth is that, almost 5 thousand years later, new virtues are still revealed to this delicious drink that the emperor, incidentally, found.




We know that many years later, from 618 to 906 AC, in Tang’s dynasty, tea was considered the national drink of China. Around 780 AC, the Buddhist monk Lu Yu wrote Ch’a Ching, in three volumes, in which he describes the cultivation methods and the spiritual and ceremonial traditions of tea.




 Shortly after, the use of tea begins to expand to the West, through Central Asia and Russia. However, it was only on the first quarter of 16th century, when the Portuguese arrived in the Far East, that tea was brought to Europe and began to be commercialised throughout the continent.




Curiously, in the United Kingdom, where tea is nowadays so popular, its use only generalizes from 1662, when Catarina de Bragança arrives in England to marry king Carlos II.




Today,millenniums later, tea is, together with water, the most consumed drink all over the world and the healthiest too.


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