We believe in ethical and socially responsible economy. And we believe that only with a motivated team it’s possible to achieve the goals we have set ourselves. But our concern goes further and reaches all of our producers, both national and international, whom we demand fair labor practices, that can benefit both employees and their families and the communities where they operate.


Better working conditions, better quality of life, fair treatment, are principles that we will not waive in our business relationships, and that is why the Certified label is present in all our packages.




 IT is proud to be at the forefront on environmental issues, labor relations, and also in the practice of fair trade, which create opportunities to alleviate social exclusion and accelerate the progress of disadvantaged regions of the globe.


 The tea-planters who work with us are not only recognized by the excellence of their products but also applauded by the righteousness of their pay practices, the elimination of child labor and creating better living conditions for their employees in areas such as health, housing and education.


Our success depends on the success of thousands of farmers and workers. This is our commitment and the reason of our existence: to contribute decisively and unswervingly to the respect for human dignity will be a reality and a constant worldwide.





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