We are a young and active team. We cherish transparency in all our activities. We want you to know who we are, what we do and where we are. Our team grows every day as it grows and provides more job opportunities. As a team we seek professional enrichment, in a place where we enjoy working, and we also seek to express our vision. Ultimately, find expression for to our creativity. Excellence is our limit.


foto Carlos Pereira
General Director
As General Director of It by Jugais I can say that this has been my passion. We have made  progresses that I never thought possible when we started this adventure 11 years ago. We innovated, we grew, we expanded our range of products and we will not stop here.



Jorge Rosa

Chief Operating Officer

Since then, we are a family. A family that grows everyday: with new employees, suppliers, customers, all lovers of good tea and good company.



foto Marta Amaral
Tea Master
 It is me that, leading an enthusiastic and dedicated team, select teas for IT. I'm rigorous, as such we are demanding because we do not want to offer you some tea we ourselves do not feel pleasure in drinking, so we tried to pick the best tea in the world. Our teas are not only delicious and healthy but are also a feast for our taste.




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