The tea is a symbol of familiarity, friendship, kindness. We want to reflect this spirit in all our actions.

 Here you can find attentive and committed staff, in a modern, vibrant space, where we encourage innovation and creativity. This is a home that is your home, a place where we will be delighted to receive your visit and to taste our teas.

 We are a company open to the exterior, which features the excellence of its products and services. We appreciate dialogue and constant contact with our customers, either personally or by telephone or electronic mail.

 If you prefer, choose the products you want to receive in your home and make your order here on our website. It's easy, it's convenient and you will not waste time.



Zona Industrial de Oliveira do Hospital

Lote 17A | Apartado 218

3404 - 955 Oliveira do Hospital

Tel: +351 238 609 892

Fax: 238 609 852

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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