Our jams are made with fresh fruit, dried naturally, without preservatives, concentrates or fruit and vegetables pulp.



We try to use our locally raw materials to give our little support to the local farmers and producers.



 Conservation was made with food, fruit or vegetables, cooked in sugar or honey. But due to the difficulty of supplying these preservative raw materials, jams were in fact a luxury product and served as the last course in medieval feasts.


 In the 19th century, jams were democratised thanks to the discovery of beetroot’s sugar, a tuber abundant in Europe.


Nowadays, jams made of fruit and vegetables, constitute a food that is a source of pleasure, easy to digest and, thereby, has organism pacifier properties.


We consume them, if we can, in the morning or in the evening: in appetizers, in a toast, on a roast of lamb with a teaspoon of Moscatel wine jelly, in an “éclair” stuffed with cream and topped with a woodland fruit jam, or alone.


This unites the will of trying and the high inspiration of the recipe creator.


Indulge yourself…

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