Personalize your gifts!



Our teas are not trivial gifts. Our blends are unique, our packages have a careful and tasteful appearance.



We also wanted to make our products irresistible gifts, remembered for many years and…keept with the most precious of treasures.

Imagine! To offer your loved ones and friends a tea whose package label was created by you, with a drawing or one of your favourite photographs!

Create your special edition, exclusive and limited, for you and for your family and friends!


With this initiative we want you to venture into the world of creativity. Create your own label, with a photograph, a dedication, even a drawing made by you, let your talent run free and turn your tea can into a small work of art, a mirror of your emotions, a preciousness to keep to yourself – among your dearest precious items – or to offer to whom you hold in high esteem.


Personalize your tea can, turn it into more than an everyday object. So that you drinking tea moments can be more than a cosy ritual,a personal, familiar and unique moment of pleasant memories. You can keep your gifts and remember them for countless years, with a smile on the lips, and tenderness on the heart.


To personalize your packages, as many as you wish, you just have to choose the tea, the background you want to personalise, or a picture of yours, and if you want add a dedication or a personal message and save. After you conclude your order, your creation will come to your hands to amaze you and your loved ones.

Personalize your tea in our shop!

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