A good tea caresses the senses, stimulates the mind and creativity, favours social relations and your physical well-being. No other drink provides to the body and spirit, as tea. The merit is of the theine contained in the tea in small portions, but above all it is of its aroma and its body.


Tasting a tea is a special journey through the senses. And doing this is much more than just savour; it’s knowing the ingredients and understand the flavour. It is, therefore, enjoying twice, enlarging the preceptive and sensory sphere, and travel in memory and imagination.


Tasting menu

 To get initiated in the world of tea you should follow a tasting order, starting with the more familiar flavours and ending in the rarest. Start with flavoured black teas (with fruits or flowers), as Darjeeling. Proceed to Oolong teas and, then, to the green ones, first flavoured and then naturals. Finally, you will be ready to taste the subtlety of tea..


Please note that, like wine, tea is rich in tannins. The longer it stays in infusion, higher is the quantity of tannins freed to water, a substance that, although healthy, gives a bitter flavour to the drink. The herbal teas don’t have tannins and hence may be in infusion for a long time, without changing the flavour of the drink.

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