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For the lowest percentage of the money you spend at the chemist’s – and without counter indications - tea has an unusual numbers of nutrients and antibacterial properties that protect your health and provide you well-being.

Heart diseases are the main cause of death in Portugal. And yet, the habit of drinking tea can help to reduce, in more than 40%, that danger. But the positive effects for our organism are, surprisingly, many more: it can help to prevent and fight certain types of cancer, reduces stress effects, increases mental vivacity, protects the bones against osteoporosis, the skin against ageing, the teeth against caries, the immune system against the aggressions that we are subjected during our life.

And for who cares about maintaining t shape or wants to lose some weight, this is, with all certainty, good news: tea has a few or none calories. Hot or iced, in the summer or in the winter, it’s a comforting drink, with relaxing effects, and that you can have without worries because not all that tastes good is bad for your health or puts on weight. And tea is the best proof of it. Taste and confirm it!

Laboratories and academician institutions all over the world study it for a long time and the results have been to highlight, more and more, its therapeutic properties. The list of nutrients contained in tea is impressive: vitamins B1, B2, B6, C and K, beta carotene, folic acid, fluoride, manganese, potassium, zinc and flavonoids. From the digestive tract to muscular mass, from the nervous system to the immune system, there isn´t practically any part of your organism where the tea beneficial effects don’t act. To make you feel younger, happier, healthier, for many many years.


Discover the power of Antioxidants!


The world is full of dangers for your health. Air pollution, tobacco smoke, some food that we ingest (and that is so hard to abdicate), and even the sunbeams potentiate the action of free radicals in our organism, accelerating the oxidation process that triggers cells degeneration leading to, in many cases, to serious diseases, being cancer the most serious, but not the only one. Free radicals are equally associated to heart problems, cataracts, immune deficiency and premature ageing.

Studies suggest that tea, specially green tea, contain high flavanoids content, one of the most powerful antioxidants that are known, making it your most faithful ally against the most dreadful diseases: cancer.


Protect your heart!

Did you know that, if you drink at least one cup of tea per day, you can reduce in more than 40% the risk of heart attack? According to a study carried out by King’s College from London, the flavanoids that are present in tea are a powerful help fighting against cardiovascular diseases.

Another deeper research, carried out by doctors from Harvard University, confirmed this fact: tea reduces the risk of coagulation, responsible for the appearance of arteriosclerosis, helps to control the levels of LDL cholesterol and, in the belief of many researchers, it equally helps to lower arterial tension.


Defend your immune system!


Our body is provided by a set of cells and proteins that defend it against bacteria, virus and fungus, protecting us also against cancer, allergies and other affections associated to hypersensitivity. However, these defences get weaker during our life making us more vulnerable to the disease. Compounds found in tea, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, are a powerful shield against infections and the development of cancer cells, allowing us to live longer and with more health.

Strenghten your bones!


A study carried out at the university hospital of Taiwan confirms it: the usual consumption of tea can contribute for the preservation of bone density till 51%, being its effects stronger in the consumers of tea at least for ten years. Another study, published by American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, revealed that tea consumption between older women contributes to preserve bone structure.

Knowing that osteoporosis is part of the normal ageing process, and that women are more affected, especially after menopause once ovaries stop producing estrogenic hormones, drinking tea is not only a pleasant habit but, even more, a extremely effective way to minimize the effects of bone degeneration that cause fractures and so much pain.


Fight cancer!


A work carried out in Beijing in China, with people with people who were diagnosed mouth cancer in early stage, showed that injuries decreased between patients who used green tea capsules for 6 months.

In another study, carried out in Iowa, in the USA, women in menopause, revealed that drinking two or more cups a tea per day decreases the risk of cancer in digestive and urinary tracts.

Indeed, the researches are countless and the conclusions are always the same: yes, drinking tea helps to prevent the formation of stomach, lung and colon malignant tumors.


Wake up your mind!

Caffeine is a soft stimulant that helps to dilate respiratory airways, to improve mental activity and to reduce fatigue sensation. It also stimulates the production of stomach acid, helping digestion. However, in excessive quantities can provoke insomnia, tremors and palpitations, in view of which is advisable its moderate intake. Once a cup of tea contains about half caffeine than a cup o coffee, this is a safer choice for those who need to keep their mind awake and obtain a well-being feeling without harming health

Control your weight!


Lose weight in a more comfortable, pleasant and economic way. Without calories if you drink it pure and with little calories if you join it milk or sugar, tea has also a high diuretic power helping to hydrate the body and to potentiate liquid elimination that makes difficult weight loss.

Drink it iced in hot days to cool and relax, drink it warm when the cold pushes to warm and comfort, and always prefer it instead of soft drinks and other high-calorie drinks with little or no value to health.

Preserve your oral health!

Food acids cause teeth enamel erosion, provoking dental caries. Tea contains natural fluoride, essential for maintaining healthy enamel and flavanoids can also decrease the formation of bacteria plaque.


* The content of this web site is not intended to offer personal medical advice. You should seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition. Never disregard professional medical advice or delay in seeking it because of something you have read on this web site.

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