Our story began with a very simple idea: allow to savor the best tasting tea that is produced in the world and teach you to enjoy its culture, its fascinating rituals and traditions.


Tea lovers, advocates of sustainable agriculture and passionately dedicated to life, to it experiences and pleasures, we consider tea a drink par excellence, whose unique flavour and beneficial health effects became the most popular worldwide. 

Our philosophy is born from this dream, cherished by ideals of quality, beauty and sophistication, a view that, striding…

Extensively cultivated throughout the world, particularly in Sri Lanka, India, China, Japan, Taiwan, Kenya, Cameroon, Tanzania, and Malawi, the tea is produced from a single plant, Camellia Sinensis. In order to bloom and to have higher quality, the soil for this plant should be fertile, well-watered and should have a good exposure to the sun. Therefore it is planted in the tropics along the mountains and plateaus with no more than 1000 metres high. 

On the other hand, in Portugal, in the mountains of Serra da Estrela, we make the tea infusions ​​from the immersion of leaves, flowers and fruit.


Therefore, our conclusion was logical: why not sell the product that we revere and that comes from an exceptional culture? We could do so by benefiting from the characteristics and the climate of the world and of our own country, as the best teas are produced in the mountains.

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Our business model allows us to ensure quality at all stages, from the production to the sale of our teas, focusing on labour and environmental practices of great social responsibility. Moreover, another factor that sets us apart from many others is the close, loyal and straightforward contact that exists between us, as lovers and tea producers, and our consumers.


For this reason, and as there is nothing better than the Internet to strengthen relations and shorten distances, we decided to create a global site, fulfilling the needs of all tea lovers and arousing the interest of those who still haven’t had the opportunity to discover the health benefits of drinking tea.


To sum up, we grew and we became stronger, but we continue to be true to our principles: the deepest respect for traditional agriculture, for the fair trade and for the always present demand for the highest quality.

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